Are you selling also digital copies (stock photography)?

Currently GalleriaOne is focused only on turning photos into prints.  

What’s the average price for prints?

It really changes between resolution and formats – but a usual price point would be between few hundred $ and few thousands $ per print.

How much money I am going to make?

Prints are sold depending on their quality and requested print's format. A photographer gets at least 50% of each sale, after reduction of tax, operation and marketing costs.

Where do you sell the prints?

GalleriaOne empowers a large range of photography web sites in over 20 countries. We also work with many marketplaces such as, Japan’s and many more to enlarge the reach of the artists’ photos.  

What’s unique about GalleriaOne?

Our claim of fame is our automatic marketing system which makes sure we get the highest price for the photos and at the same time bring it to the most relevant and wide audiences.